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Meresensi buku Pengetahuan

Meresensi buku Pengetahuan : Hidup Berbhineka Tunggal Ika

Assalammualaikum wr wb

Kali ini saya akan membagikan contoh meresensi sebuah buku pengetahuan dalam bahasa Inggris, simak resensinya berikut ini

The Importance of HidupBerbhineka Tunggal Ika

The title of the book: Hidup Berbhineka Tunggal Ika
Authors: Vina Dwi Laning
Illustration: Arief S. Adham
The designer skin: Arief S. Adham
Setting & Lay Out: Thomas Subardi
Publisher: PT Cempaka Putih
Printing: Macanan Jaya Cemerlang
Number of pages: 60 + iv page
Type: Non-Fiction
        This book is written for Indonesian children to understand that they live in a nation filled with a difference. This difference should not be a reason for conflict but serve as a passion to unite.

        In this book consists of six chapters which consist of four chapters of material as well as two introductory and concluding chapters. In chapter five describes:

Unity in Diversity.
The culture of a nation.
Variety of Indonesian culture.
The attitude of a diversified life Tunggal Ika.

Through this book, the children are guided to recognize the differences, understand the differences and appreciate the differences. In this book, too, there is a material matter that can increase our knowledge of living a diversified Tunggal Ika.

This book is meant to encourage children to understand that Indonesia Indonesia consists of several nationalities, customs, culture, language, remains one also, namely Indonesia. In addition to this in this book reviews a variety of art and culture from various regions of Indonesia. By getting to know the culture of the nation, children are expected to be able to appreciate and respect the culture of other regions and preserve local culture itself. This book was written to increase knowledge and insight about living a diversified child Tunggal Ika.

If all the material in this book can be digested well by children, God willing children will understand what it means to understand the differences in race differences, customs, culture, language. This book is very interesting and necessary to help children to understand the meaning of the difference. However, unfortunately, this book comes with a colored picture, which becomes less interesting in this book.

In conclusion, this book is worth reading public, especially for children. This book can make children understand the life single berbhineka ika, good attitude every day, the sense of national unity, and so forth. With that, this book is the well worth category.

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