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Example Essay about Covid-19

 Example Essay about Covid-19

Example Essay about Covid-19

Corona Makes The Loss Of Various Projects

Since it appeared a few months ago, Corona Virus has indeed been very troubling for the entire population of the world. Almost all residents have high concerns about this virus because if it has been infected by the coronavirus, the most fatal result is death.

A coronavirus is a group of viruses from the subfamily Orthocoronavirinae in the Coronaviridae family and the order of Nidovirales. This group of viruses can cause disease in birds and mammals, including humans. In humans, coronaviruses cause generally mild respiratory infections, such as colds, although some forms of disease such as SARS, MERS, and COVID-19 are more lethal.

With the emergence of the virus, I have two arguments about the emergence of this virus. First, this virus emerged because of the unhealthy patterns of human life. Why do I say that? This is observed from the start of the emergence of this virus that is in the city of Wuhan, China. In the area, there is a market that sells wild animals. I think these animals are not suitable for consumption. One of the animals blamed for causing this virus is a bat. Many argue that this virus began to emerge because the people there like to consume bat soup.

 Both of these viruses arose because of a plan. Many sources say this is a plan from the Illuminati community that is realizing its target for 2021. I think that this possibility might also be possible, we can see it. When some people predicted a few years ago that this virus would emerge.  The logic is simple, if there is an opportunity, of course, we will be able to predict, but if there is no chance there will be a prediction. Some also say that the coronavirus is a biological plan that was leaked prematurely for use.

Apart from all that, the coronavirus greatly impacts the economy. I am a blogger, when I hear the hot news, of course, I am very happy because if I write an article about the news I will have a lot of readers and eventually my income increases. But not for this coronavirus, I even spent money to spread my article about the coronavirus through FB ads so that more people know about it to be able to prevent it.

But prevention efforts are not enough until finally, the coronavirus is very disruptive to the economy. The thing that I feel from the emergence of this virus is the loss of various projects that I usually receive. As one example is the loss of various content placements on blogs. Usually, a lot of content placement bids come, but since the emergence of the coronavirus, the project content placement is reduced, even if there is an unusual price.

I am of the opinion that the occurrence of things like this is due to reduced economic activity in the world due to lockdowns in various countries. Production activities in various companies will certainly decrease, and some companies also save more profits to prepare for unexpected things in the future. The impact is that the company will cut promotional costs. Finally, the project offered was not as big as usual, and even some companies withdrew the project from the publishers.

I hope this virus can be resolved well so that the economy will recover so that many projects will emerge. It is expected that before the vaccine is found, at least the government has taken the right steps to cover all possibilities for the spread of this coronavirus. In addition, start doing prevention from yourself by starting to avoid crowded places and diligent hand washing. May we always be given Health and be protected by Allah SWT.

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